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    Peat canal drained, forest cleared in Kampar Peninsula by APRIL's affiliated PT Triomas FDI. A flyover photo by EoF

  • PT SPA KTH Merawang
    Deep peat canal drainage by APP's affiliated PT Satria Perkasa Agung KTH Sinar Merawang in Pulau Muda area of Kerumutan forest block. N 0°6'6.14" E 102°41'46.22"

  • PT SPA KTH Merawang
    High Conservation Area pledged by APP in 2004 is cleared in Pulau Muda forest management unit. Location N 0°6'17.13" E 102°41'45.28"

  • RUJ

    Natural forest in peat Senepis tiger habitat is clearcut by APP's supplier PT Ruas Utama Jaya

  • Devastation by PT SRL

    Natural forest in peat Pulau Rupat (island) is clearcut by PT Sumatera Riang Lestari, a timber supplier affiliated to APRIL

04 Jan 2016
APP’s supplier acquits free over charge of burning 20,000 hectares peat

EoF News (PEKANBARU)— PT Bumi Mekar Hijau, an Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) timber supplier in South Sumatra, was cleared by panel of judges in Palembang district court last week from lawsuit filed by the Ministry of  Environment and Forestry to pay IDR 7.8 trillion (USD US$571 million) for environmental damage and recovery costs.

15 Dec 2015
Report: APRIL, APP told to phase out drained plantations in rich-peat Kampar Peninsula

12 Nov 2015
A hope for peatland protection, no more business as usual on peat

05 Nov 2015
Continuing fires in SMG/APP concessions put their wood supply, peatland sustainability in question

14 Oct 2015
These maps, tables show you why Sinar Mas/APP companies linked to forest fires, haze

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Investigative Reports
24 Dec 2015
Laporan EoF Des2015 Penebangan hutan PT MSL Kalbar mengancam ekosistem dan habitat Orangutan.pdf

17 Dec 2015
Laporan Ringkas EoF (Dec2015) Pembakaran hutan lahan di 37 lokasi Riau FINAL2.pdf

17 Dec 2015
PT Arara Abadi Duri - -Laporan EoF Cek Lapangan Karhutla Des2015.pdf

17 Dec 2015
PT. Putri Lindung Bulan -Laporan EoF Cek Lapangan Karhutla Des2015.pdf

17 Dec 2015
PT AA Nilo - -Laporan EoF Cek Lapangan Karhutla Des2015.pdf

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Press Release
17 Dec 2015
EoF: Pembakaran dalam konsesi perusahaan bukanlah mitos

Siaran Pers untuk diterbitkan 17 Desember 2015

(JAKARTA, 17 Desember 2015)— Eyes on the Forest (EoF)  mengeluarkan laporan investigasi terbaru  mengangkat temuan lapangan soal  kebakaran hutan dan lahan yang terjadi di tahun 2015.

19 Nov 2015
Kemendag Buka Lembaran Kelam Illegal Logging

30 Oct 2015
Eyes on the Forest urges Riau Police to name 16 corporates forest burning suspects

07 Oct 2015
EoF: Sinar Mas/APP’s denial misleading, they source of haze since ten years ago

05 Jun 2015
Not only on paper, sustainable commitment needs evidence on the ground

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29 Dec 2015
Siaran Pers Vonis BMH 30Des FINAL 28Des2015

17 Dec 2015
Siaran Pers EoF (17Des2015) Pembakaran dalam konsesi bukanlah mitos

16 Nov 2015
WARSI WWF Joint Report (Nov 2015) Monitoring SVLK in PT WKS and PT LAJ Jambi ENGLISH

15 Nov 2015
Laporan Pemantauan SVLK PT WKS dan PT LAJ di Jambi oleh KKI Warsi dan WWF Indonesia Nov2015

12 Nov 2015
Map1 Sumatra LULUC 1985 2014 PeatWIYLintersect DEF 1985-2014

12 Nov 2015

12 Nov 2015

12 Nov 2015
EoF News 12 Nov 2015 A hope for peatland protection pdf

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