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    Peat canal drained, forest cleared in Kampar Peninsula by APRIL's affiliated PT Triomas FDI. A flyover photo by EoF

  • PT SPA KTH Merawang
    Deep peat canal drainage by APP's affiliated PT Satria Perkasa Agung KTH Sinar Merawang in Pulau Muda area of Kerumutan forest block. N 0°6'6.14" E 102°41'46.22"

  • PT SPA KTH Merawang
    High Conservation Area pledged by APP in 2004 is cleared in Pulau Muda forest management unit. Location N 0°6'17.13" E 102°41'45.28"

  • RUJ

    Natural forest in peat Senepis tiger habitat is clearcut by APP's supplier PT Ruas Utama Jaya

  • Devastation by PT SRL

    Natural forest in peat Pulau Rupat (island) is clearcut by PT Sumatera Riang Lestari, a timber supplier affiliated to APRIL

04 Apr 2014
Instead of protecting, authorities involved in forest encroachment

EoF News (PEKANBARU)- Joint military operation in Giam Siak Kecil (GSK) Biosphere Reserve, Bukit Batu, Bengkalis Riau, in late last month revealed the involvement of two former police chiefs, a high-ranking TNI-AU (air force), as well as a number of police and military service members and government officials on the encroachement of the internationally recognized protected area. The area is always burnt annually then converted to plantations, media reported.

19 Mar 2014
An independent review on SVLK system launched by NGOs coalition

13 Mar 2014
Ex-Riau governor sentenced to 14 years for corruption

11 Mar 2014
Green groups protest against slow haze mitigation

07 Mar 2014
Companies criticized not optimal to tackle forest fires

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Investigative Reports
08 Apr 2014
EoF (April2014) APRIL clears HCVF in Kampar Peninsula PT Triomas.pdf

08 Apr 2014
Laporan EoF (April2014) APRIL menebangi HCVF Kampar PT Triomas.pdf

16 May 2013
EoF (16May13) Deforestation continues in SMGAPP supplier concession FINAL.pdf

15 May 2013
EoF (Mei2013) Deforestasi berlanjut di satu konsesi pemasok SMG APP di Riau.pdf

03 Apr 2013
EoF (03Apr13) Where are the trees EN FINAL.pdf

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Press Release
16 Apr 2014
Doubts on APRILís sustainability commitment escalate as high conservation value forest cleared

PEKANBARU – Eyes on the Forest coalition publishes latest investigative report as a consistency in monitoring deforestation in Sumatra, Riau in particular, as this edition highlights natural forest clearing in high conservation value forest (HCVF) by PT Triomas Forestry Development Indonesia, a supplier to Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL).

19 Mar 2014
Improve Timber Legality Assurance System (SVLK)!

05 Feb 2014
1st year anniversary of APPís FCP: Celebration without conservation triumph

30 Jan 2014
APRILís Trick to Steal Natural Forest in A HCV Forest Until 2019 through Sustainable Forest Management Policy

17 Dec 2013
Kalimantan forest monitoring consortium: APP supplier continues forest clearance after moratorium

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02 Apr 2014
WBH complaint letter to APP bilingual 1732014

19 Mar 2014
Anti Forest Mafia Coalition (18Mar14) SVLK Flawed FINAL

19 Mar 2014
Anti-Forest Mafia Coalition (18Mar14) Improve Timber Legality Assurance System EN

10 Mar 2014
Greenomics (Mar2014) APP legal maneuvers in Bukit Tigapuluh Landscape

17 Dec 2013
RPHK (17Dec13) APP Moratorium Deforestation Continues

17 Dec 2013
RPHK (17Des13) Moratorium APP Deforestasi Berlanjut

11 Dec 2013
Greenomics (10 Dec 2013) Investigation by Forestry Ministry following Greenpeace report proves that two APP subsidiaries involved in felling and supplying ramin logs

04 Nov 2013
Greenomics Report: "Zero to Zero: APP's Zero Deforestation Policy Saves Zero Forested Sumatran Tiger Habitat"

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