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    Peat canal drained, forest cleared in Kampar Peninsula by APRIL's affiliated PT Triomas FDI. A flyover photo by EoF

  • PT SPA KTH Merawang
    Deep peat canal drainage by APP's affiliated PT Satria Perkasa Agung KTH Sinar Merawang in Pulau Muda area of Kerumutan forest block. N 0°6'6.14" E 102°41'46.22"

  • PT SPA KTH Merawang
    High Conservation Area pledged by APP in 2004 is cleared in Pulau Muda forest management unit. Location N 0°6'17.13" E 102°41'45.28"

  • RUJ

    Natural forest in peat Senepis tiger habitat is clearcut by APP's supplier PT Ruas Utama Jaya

  • Devastation by PT SRL

    Natural forest in peat Pulau Rupat (island) is clearcut by PT Sumatera Riang Lestari, a timber supplier affiliated to APRIL

19 Sep 2016
Devastating fire damage in illegal PT APSL plantation in Libo peatland, Riau

EoF News (PEKANBARU)—Today, Eyes on the Forest released a drone video showing huge areas of burnt and still smouldering deep peat soil, and burnt oil palms and natural vegetation in  illegal oil palm plantations in Libo block, Rokan Hulu district including in dominant PT Andika Permata Sawit Lestari (APSL).

02 Sep 2016
Legislators to probe case closure of Riau forest fires

22 Jul 2016
Burning cases closed by police, environmentalists moan

10 Jun 2016
Palm oil company’s manager acquits of burning charge

12 Apr 2016
EoF releases maps of palm oil supply chain tainted by illegalities

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Investigative Reports
17 Jun 2016
EoF Jaringan Kalbar (Jun16) Berlindung di balik selimut CnC.pdf

05 Apr 2016
EoF (06Apr16) No One is Safe English FINAL.pdf

05 Apr 2016
Laporan EoF April2016 Tak ada yang aman_FINAL.pdf

10 Jan 2016
EoF Jan16 Moratorium gambut diabaikan Final.pdf

24 Dec 2015
Laporan EoF Des2015 Penebangan hutan PT MSL Kalbar mengancam ekosistem dan habitat Orangutan.pdf

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Press Release
08 Sep 2016
In violation of government policy APRIL drains peatlands in dispute with communities

In violation of government policy APRIL drains peatlands in dispute with communities

APRIL stopped Government investigation of legally questionable new peat drainage in Sumatra

                       Press Release -- 8 September 2016

Pekanbaru, Sumatra – Voices are mounting against one of Indonesia’s paper giants’ repeated disregard of Government policy to protect peatlands. APRIL denied access to the Head of Indonesia’s Peat Restoration Agency who was undertaking an unannounced investigation of the company’s continuing peat development activities on Pulau Padang in Riau province, Sumatra, accompanied by Forest Rangers, Ministry of Environment Forestry officials and local villagers.

08 Sep 2016
Melanggar kebijakan Pemerintah, APRIL melakukan pembukaan di lahan gambut yang berkonflik dengan masyarakat

20 Apr 2016
“Zero deforestation” champion creates new risks for Indonesia’s forests and carbon-rich peatlands with mega-scale pulp mill

06 Apr 2016
EoF: global supply chains still tainted with illegal palm oil

06 Apr 2016
EoF: perusahaan sawit besar abai, pasokannya tercemar deforestasi hutan konservasi

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19 Sep 2016
EoF (19Sep16) Damaging fire damage in illegal PT APSL plantation in Libo peatland Riau

22 Apr 2016
Laporan 12 NGO (April2016) Akankah APP mengingkari komitmen zero deforestation?

22 Apr 2016
Joint NGOs (April2016) A study on APP OKI mill

06 Apr 2016
EoF (06Apr16) global supply chains still tainted with illegal palm oil PR EN FINAL

06 Apr 2016
Siaran Pers EoF (April2016) Perusahaan sawit besar abai

29 Dec 2015
Siaran Pers Vonis BMH 30Des FINAL 28Des2015

17 Dec 2015
Siaran Pers EoF (17Des2015) Pembakaran dalam konsesi bukanlah mitos

16 Nov 2015
WARSI WWF Joint Report (Nov 2015) Monitoring SVLK in PT WKS and PT LAJ Jambi ENGLISH

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EoF is a coalition of three local environmental organizations in Riau, Sumatra, Indonesia : WWF Indonesia's Tesso Nilo Programme, Jikalahari ("Forest Rescue Network Riau") and Walhi Riau (Friends of the Earth Indonesia). It was launched in December 2004 to investigate the state of Riau''s forests and the players who influence it.
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