1st year anniversary of APP’s FCP: Celebration without conservation triumph

EoF Press Release / 05 February 2014
Clearing in PT RIA concession, Riau. (c)Eyes on the Forest

Press Release

With regard to social conflict resolution, there are many unsolved cases and the coalition will continue to monitor the company’s performance on this issue, with or without the FCP. “There are some unresolved disputes between companies and local communities that have not been solved, because they don’t have strong step to identify and solve the problem,” Riko Kurniawan added.

A new annual two-million capacity pulp mill in South Sumatera raised our concern over the feasibility of SMG/APP’s commitments for changes. NGOs need to be alert on the potential negative impacts of the mill’s wood sourcing in several provinces of Indonesia.

The EoF coalition urges company to stop deforestation on its entire supply chain immediately and to promptly start process of restoring and protecting critical ecosystems for the conservation of biodiversity and carbon stock.

The coalition will continue to monitor company’s performance in all aspects, particularly their operations on the ground, with or without commitments from the company.

“One year FCP anniversary is supposed to be a lesson learnt for company to truly reform its practices and remedy the past damages it has caused. Because an anniversary without real conservation triumph is just another form of green washing,” Muslim Rasyid said.


Notes to Editor:

Eyes on the Forest coalition are: Jikalahari (NGOs Network for Riau Forest Rescue), WALHI Riau chapter (Friends of Earth Indonesia), and WWF-Indonesia.

For EoF investigative reports and publications on APP and pulp and paper sector please see: www.eyesontheforest.or.id

For further information please contact:

Muslim Rasyid, Jikalahari  +62 – 8127637 233

Riko Kurniawan, WALHI Riau  +62 – 813 7130 2269

Nursamsu,  WWF-Indonesia  e-mail: nursamsu@wwf.or.id

Afdhal Mahyuddin,  EoF Editor +62 – 813 8976 8248