Eyes on the Forest Statement

EoF News / 25 July 2005

On June 3, 2005 , APRIL released a statement saying that all their suppliers have legal licenses. On 2 May 2005 , Eyes on the Forest investigators had reported that APRIL suppliers were operating with illegal licenses.

Eyes on the Forest believes that its interpretation of the laws regulating the conversion of natural forests differs from that of APRIL. Eyes on the Forest is therefore happy to hear that the questionable licenses of APRIL's suppliers are currently under legal review by the Ministry of Forestry.

Eyes on the Forest calls on APRIL and its suppliers to halt all operations that use these licenses until a verification of their validity is released by the Ministry of Forestry in writing.

Eyes on the Forest 's mission is to monitor the conversion of the remaining natural forests in the Riau Province , whether legal or illegal and report to the global stakeholders who is involved.