Eyes on the Forest urges Riau Police to name 16 corporates forest burning suspects

EoF Press Release / 30 October 2015

Pekanbaru,  30 October 2015—Eyes on the  Forest (EoF) supports Riau police to name  16 out of  18 timber plantation suppliers and palm oil plantations suspects of forest and land burning in 2015.   

“From 18 corporates that probed by Riau Police, only two named suspects. Why the 16 companies are not named suspects yet?” Riko Kurniawan, Director Executive of Walhi Riau, asks. “While, the object of the probing is the same, namely the burning occurs inside corporate’s concession.”  

Two companies named suspects for allegedly burning are  PT Langgam Inti Hibrindo and  PT Palm Lestari Makmur, both are palm oil plantations.  “Based on criminal law, forest and land burning inside corporate concession will not be treated as crime as long as they are not named suspects,” said Made Ali from Jikalahari.

“Absolute authority to name suspect or no is in the hands of Chief of Riau Police. This authority could be abused for other interest or for someone’s intervention, this is hazardous,” said Made Ali.. “This reminds us of case closure of 14 timber suppliers’ environmental destruction allegation in 2008, doesn’t it?” said Made Ali. “We also find the hint of case closure for these forest fires investigation.”  

In 2008, Riau Police Chief Hadiatmoko issued case closure order (known as SP3 letter) against 14 timber suppliers associated to APP and APRIL that probed for illegal logging allegation. Former Police Chief Sutjiptadi in 2007-2008 raided timber suppliers and named them suspects of environmental destruction charges that provided by sufficient evidence.

“At that time the case closure order was released following intense pressure and intervention by political elite to the President and law enforcers,” said Afdhal Mahyuddin from WWF-Indonesia Program Central Sumatra.  

“11 out of 18 corporates linked to forest fire allegation are affiliated to APP and APRIL groups, those who also linked to illegal logging allegation in 2007-2008,” Afdhal added.

For the forest and land fires cases, do the Riau Police Office have bravery to name APP and APRIL suppliers suspects? Due to for 2013-2014 cases, they only name palm oil plantation and sago supplier suspects,” Made Ali said.

“Therefore, we urge the Riau Police named the 16 companies of timber suppliers and palm oil plantations suspect as ‘cure’ for haze disaster for Riau people impacted by burning that set by the corporate,” added Riko Kurniawan.


16 companies are:

APRIL/ RGE: PT Sumatera Riang Lestari, PT Bukit Raya Pelalawan, KUD Bina Jaya Langgam, PT Siak Raya Timber, PT Hutani Sola Lestari, PT Rimba Lazuardi

APP/Sinar Mas:  PT Dexter Timber Perkasa Indah, PT Ruas Utama Jaya, PT Suntara Gajapati, PT Perawang Sukses Perkasa Industri, PT Bina Duta Laksana

Palm oil: PT Alam Lestari Makmur, PT Parawira, PT Pan United, PT Wana Sawit Subur Indah (The Best group), PT Riau Jaya Utama

For further information please contact:

Riko Kurniawan, +62 81371302269

Afdhal Mahyuddin, +62 81389768248

Made Ali, +62 81275311009