Minister criticizes weak law enforcement in illegal logging

EoF News / 04 July 2006

Minister Malam Sambat Kaban said in Medan, North Sumatra, last week that DPR (House of Representatives) has expected such amount, therefore the body should ask the Indonesian Police, Attorney General office, and Forestry Ministry for further responsibilities.

The government has obtained Rp 300 billion so far from the illegal logging raids this year which discourages the minister that the expectation will meet by the end of year, Waspada Online reported.

The minister also said that weak law enforcement conducted by the police and attorney office will not help illegal logging eradication. “This will demoralize law enforcement process,” he said.

Kaban criticized both police and prosecutor office over settling down illegal logging cases beyond the court.

Many suspected illegal logging perpetrators cannot be detained by the police and be prosecuted by attorney office due to some excuses.

In Tasikmalaya of West Java, Minister Kaban called on people last weekend to fight against illegal logging capitalists “for damage threat caused by massive illegal logging.”

He alleged that the loggers have fun in Singapore and Malaysia after reaping extremely enormous benefit, Antara reported.

In another development, Riau Police Office said that insufficient cost of operation for catching up the illegal loggers and bringing evidence hampers the enforcers to tackle such a forest crime, Riau Pos reported.

Riau police have identified 200 sites of illegal logging throughout the province, yet the confiscations will cost billions of rupiah where the police can’t provide it, said Commissioner Ari Rahman in Pekanbaru on June 26.

A report from Siak Regency said local parliament (DPRD) have confiscated 2,000 blocks of wood that found on canal that set up by the illegal loggers.

Riau Pos said the commission B of Siak’s DPRD failed to catch the loggers, yet sources said the perpetrator who allegedly conducted the crime originating from Tanjung Balai Asahan, North Sumatra.