APP expands pulpwood plantation by clearing HCV areas in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Sumatra

EoF Investigative Report / 08 August 2022

APP/SMG through its own company PT Arara Abadi (AA) cleared natural vegetation in HCV 1 areas of Sumatran elephant habitat and UNESCO reserve and planted acacia seedlings even in areas that were outside the licensed concession area.

APP/SMG through its own company PT Sekato Pratama Makmur (SPM) cleared natural forest and other natural vegetation and planted new acacia plantation in peatland with 4-meter depth against the legal protection and some of that was also done in areas outside the concession boundary.

APP/SMG through its suppliers PT AA and PT SPM are allegedly breaching their own Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) and the SDG commitments and its repeated pledge to support Government’s program to reduce the country’s GHG emissions.

Download the full report in below the cover photo.

EoF sent the report to APP requesting a written response. Find the response Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas responds to Eyes on Forest’s ‘APP expands pulpwood plantation .pdf