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NGOs condemns APP/SMG for brutal murder by their security of a local farmer

Indra Pelani (23) of Lubuk Mandarsah was killed by security guards hired by APP’s sister company PT. Wirakarya Sakti (WKS) in Bukit Tigapuluh landscape, Jambi Province, Sumatra. The village has been in conflict with WKS for a long time over their land tenure for 3,000 ha.

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More to conservation than APP's clearing halt

Two years after Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) announced a new “forest conservation” policy, APP’s pledge to halt forest clearing has held, but its forests are still disappearing.

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Fires, smoke and haze - new in EoF’s online database

Sumatra’s Riau province is suffering Indonesia’s worst fire season in recent years with serious smoke choking the region and neighboring Singapore and southern Malaysia. Eyes on the Forest has been tracking forest and land cover change and those who drive it in Riau since the early 1990s.

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Conversion in Bukit Tigapuluh causes elephants killed

Pekanbaru (EoF News)-- The government is urged to abide by regulations on its Sumatran elephant conservation agreement and protect the endangered species habitat from rampant conversion as human-elephant conflict escalates currently. Two elephants killed nearby Bukit Tigapuluh forest block early this month amid uncertainty of implementation on Ministry of Forestry Decree appointing Riau as Sumatran Elephant Conservation Centre.

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Riau Province : Rank No.1 in Illegal Timber Export

Pekanbaru, KOMPAS-- Rampant illegal logging practices in Riau have placed the province on the top list of provinces in Indonesia with the highest rate of illegal timber export, beside Kalimantan and Papua. Every month about 126,000 cubic meters of illegal timber are exported to Malaysia from this province alone.

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Investigative Report: No one is safe (April 2016)

Eyes on the Forest published today a report demonstrating how crude palm oil tainted by illegally grown palm fruit from government-protected areas in...