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Again President calls on stern measure against companies burning forest

President Joko Widodo called stern measures against companies involved in forest and land fires burning by rescinding their licenses, media report said today.

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Fires hotspots mostly detected in palm oil plantations in West Kalimantan

NGOs in West Kalimantan analyzed that 217 fires hotspots detected by NASA Firms Eosdis during 28 June – 6 July 2015. 124 out of 217 hotspots or 57 percent was found in palm oil concessions and by districts, Kubu Raya is the most area hit by fires with 81 and followed by Ketapang and Sambas with 44 and 36 respectively.

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Fires hotspots detected in timber, plantation concessions

Eyes on the Forest analyzed that 290 fires hotspots accumulatively detected in period of 11 January - 11 February 2015 where Bengkalis district has got 160 of it, the most among the district in Riau Province.

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12 forestry companies, 5 plantations fail in fires prevention audit

National Joint Team from some Government agencies revealed that 17 timber and plantation companies in Riau province failed to perform Compliance Audit in preventing forest and land fires, a joint inter-department task force said Friday.

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Kebakaran di konsesi APP/Sinar Mas memperparah" "kabut asap regional dan mengancam cagar biosfir" "PBB yang baru"

Data satelit selama enam bulan perama di tahun 2009 menunjukkan bahwa Provinsi Riau memiliki jumlah titik api kebakaran terbanyak di Indonesia, yakni 4.782.

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