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A hope for peatland protection, no more business as usual on peat

Eyes on the Forest commended the Ministry of Environment and Forestry for issuing a letter and instructions regarding peat management for the prevention and control of fire.

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NGOs call on 26 banks to divest from APRIL

Two environmental groups sent letters to 26 banks in several countries as attempt “to express their concerns regarding the pulp and paper companies Asia Pacific Resources Limited (APRIL), Toba Pulp Lestari (TPL) and their sister companies under the conglomerate Royal Golden Eagle Group (RGE), due to their involvement in large scale deforestation and social conflicts.

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Global letters to APP/SMG to protect Bukit Tigapuluh published

(EoF News)-- Australian Orangutan Project published letters from a group of stakeholders who come together to call on APP/SMG and Indonesia's government for protection of Bukit Tigapuluh forest. Leading institutions including United Nation's GRASP, IUCN, World Association of Zooes and Aquaria, have written letters of concern calling on APP and the Indonesian government to act immediately and protect this area.

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