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Monitoring group questions APP, APRIL timber certificates

An independent monitoring on legal wood certification in Riau province urged the government and certification agencies to be responsible for passing Timber Legality of Assurance System (TLAS) certificates to forest management units as some of timber companies targeted by anti-corruption commission for further probe on graft scandals.

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APRIL supplier’s environmental document could be fake: official

A local official in Riau Province this week accused a timber supplier affiliated to Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL), obtaining a document of environmental impact analysis (Amdal) which could be fake as it was registered in the name of another company.

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613 hotspots found in pulpwood concessions within three weeks

As rain rarely pours Riau Province many fires hotspots found recently including in timber concessions and protected areas. At least 613 hotspots detected within three weeks in this month as the total of hotspots in the province are 1573.

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NGOs: paper products tainted by corruption

A coalition of Indonesia’s NGOs called Anti-Forest Mafia Coalition urged global pulp buyers last week to beware of allegedly corruption-tainted pulp products following an analysis of timber companies’ involvement in graft cases that jailed government officials in Riau province.

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Ministry to sue 14 timber companies by civil case

The Ministry of Environment vowed to bring 14 timber companies in Riau province which allegedly involved in environmental destruction to the court of justice following two meetings among related government agencies, a weekly magazine disclosed.

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No place to hide for Sinar Mas APP

Sinar Mas Group’s Asia Pulp & Paper (SMG/APP) attempted to give itself a clean bill of health last week by covering up its forest destruction in an ‘assured’ long winded report. But there is no place to hide for this company. Satellites images have been capturing and documenting every single hectare that the company has destroyed for years.

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Human-Elephant Conflict and Forest Clearing in Libo Block

Human Elephant Conflict and Forest Clearing in Libo Block, Riau Province Pekanbaru, Indonesia (EoF News, March 10, 2006) - Six elephants were found dead last week in an oil palm plantation at the border of Riau and North Sumatra, apparently poisoned. At least 17 elephants have repeatedly raided Balai Raja village in Riau's Bengkalis District.

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