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NGOs say APP lack of progress

Several green organizations criticized Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) for lack of progress in some areas which made the company has yet to be on sustainable track, while its Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) is entering the fifth year this week.

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APRIL, APP told to phase out drained plantations in rich-peat Kampar Peninsula

A new report by Deltares commissioned by Wetlands International conclude that plantations in Kampar Peninsula, Riau province, are not sustainable and economically unviable due to subsidence, drainage and flood problems.

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Province of Riau Supports REDD to Save our Climate

I am realizing my special position as a steward of large blocks of natural forests in Indonesia. I am committed to a joint policy of environmentally friendly, sustainable economic development and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) targeted at reducing poverty, protecting community rights over natural resources, stimulating employment, and attracting investment. I am therefore calling for avoidance of deforestation and forest degradation in my province, especially its all important peat lands, which store more carbon per hectare than any other ecosystem on earth.

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Supply chain responsibility

( US newspapers are beginning to source newsprint from China for economic reasons, but may be ignoring sustainability in the processIn a move to buy favour with Wall Street, several US newspaper companies have announced plans to begin importing newsprint, the cheap paper on which newspapers are printed, from China.

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Investigative Report: No one is safe (April 2016)

Eyes on the Forest published today a report demonstrating how crude palm oil tainted by illegally grown palm fruit from government-protected areas in...