30 NGOs urge buyers, banks not to support APRIL

EoF News / 28 November 2017

Thirty Indonesian NGOs and coalitions have sent a letter to 20 banks in China and Europe last week in responding to “the current situation of PT RAPP cancellation, continuing PT RAPP (APRIL main supplier) poor adherence to Indonesia regulation regarding peat protection and management,” Jikalahari said on his website.

The NGOs who signed the letter are from Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java and Sulawesi islands. The letter said that the disobedience to the Ministry of Forestry on peat protection compliance “has added the list of APRIL violation to Indonesia’s regulation and rules which has happened in the past to date.”

The organizations urge APRIL’s buyers and banks to support The Government of Indonesia as well as affected communities and ecosystems by not supporting APRIL and disengaging from any existing support to the company.

“We also urge all buyers not to purchase from APRIL until it definitely stops all destructive practices, improves seriously its management practices, follows all relevant regulations, and remedy past and ongoing harm to communities and the environment,” the NGO groups said.


Surat 30 NGO kepada bank buyers APRIL.pdf