Anti-Corruption coalition lodge petition to KPK

EoF News / 02 May 2012

EoF News (PEKANBARU) – Non-governmental organization coalition called Anti-Forest Mafia Coalition lodged a petition to Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Tuesday to urge it name those involved in graft cases suspects.

Indonesian Corruption Watch, WALHI, IWGFF, Greenpeace SEA, Jikalahari, and Sylva Gama are among the civil society group that filed the petition calling on KPK to nab masterminds of forestry corruption cases in the country.

Emerson Yuntho, an ICW activist, said his coalition provided data of evaluation results of law enforcement and corruption prevention that conducted by KPK in forestry corruption, reported Tuesday (01/05).

“In 2010, KPK reviewed a forestry planology system with 17 recommendations, but none are responded by KPK,” Emerson told the press at the commission office.

Muslim Rasyid of Jikalahari, the Riau NGOs network for forest rescue, said that the coalition also urged KPK to name management of timber companies in Riau as suspects in relat ion to corruption in pulpwood plantation licenses during 2001-2006, reported Tuesday.

“Corruption crime in forestry sector in Riau province does not only benefit to perpetrators individually, but also to corporation who working in that sector,” Muslim said.

“Based on sufficient evidence, KPK need not to be doubtful in naming a person or corporate as suspects,” he added.

Muslim said that around 20 companies affiliated to two giants of pulp company in Riau are allegedly involved in illegal forest issuance that linked to the government officials whom jailed and prosecuted by KPK.

Facts from trials of corruption cases in the court said that some executives of corporate had bribed government officials in order to help their business operate, he said.