APP logging road threatens Orang Rimba

EoF News / 02 July 2009

Husin, a head family of Orang Rimba who inhabits in Suo-suo village of southern Bukit Tigapuluh, in Jambi, complained over 45-km logging road that constructed by PT Wira Karya Sakti (WKS), an APP/Sinar Mas Group associated company.

“Forest clearing by the company (WKS) has affected to our livelihood which is deteriorating now,” he told Eyes on the Forest early June. Husin and generally Orang Rimba are dependent upon natural resources such forest products to survive and make money for their livelihood.

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Husin said he was troubled by logging road built by APP in Orang Rimba territory.  “The forest is place where we search meals, if this is gone, where will we find the food. This is also for livelihood of our next generation.”

He urged the government to protect the rights of Orang Rimba and required the company to stay away from Orang Rimba homes several kilometers away.

Husin live with his family under plastic tents, separating only 10 meter away from  the edge of WKS logging road.

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The quick observation by EoF found that the APP logging road threatened forest near Bukit Tigapuluh National Park, and its forest landscape in general. Some areas had been encroached and raged by fires.

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To maintain logging road, APP cleared forest and dig out soil which cause deep holes near forest in some points. Natural forest in good condition as well as its endangered wildlife could be threatened too as logging road is an easy access for people to go into forest.