APP/SMG suppliers continue clearcut Senepis tiger forest

EoF News / 31 May 2011

This report updated some information and photos related to natural forests clearance by PT Suntara Gaja Pati and PT Ruas Utama Jaya in 2009 and 2010.

As published by EoF Investigative Report on Senepis in October 2008, the natural forest clearance by PT Suntara Gaja Pati and PT Ruas Utama Jaya is likely a destruction of tiger habitat which previously has been planned to be protected by local government from all levels.

Genuinely, the proposal of Sumatran Tiger Conservation Area of 60,000 hectares covering the entire concession of PT Suntara Gaja Pati have been proposed several times by the Riau Province Forestry and Plantation Service, the Mayor of Dumai, the Riau BKSDA (Natural Resources Conservation Agency) and the Dumai local parliament until 2004.

However, on 3 January 2006, the Ministry of Forestry finally published two letters concerning to approval for establishment of Senepis-Buluhala Tiger Conservation Area , with a size of 106,086 hectares. At first impression, it appears the fact that Tiger Conservation Area (106,086 ha) of approximately 40,000 ha is larger than previously National Park proposal (60,000 ha), which might sound like good news. However, a more in-depth study shows that Sumatran tigers seem to be expelled from their forests due to massive deforestation.

PT Suntara Gaja Pati and PT Ruas Utama Jaya in 2009 obtained natural forests logging permit covering 14,140 hectares with potentially mixed tropical hardwood amount to 1,128,450 cubic meter based on SK.19/BPHT-3/2009, 13 May 2009 and SK.03/BPHT-3 / 2009, 27 March 2009 junto SK.29/BPHT-3/2009, 7-9-2009. In 2010, PT Suntara Gaja Pati and PT Ruas Utama Jaya obtained natural forests logging permit covering 12,997 ha with mixed tropical wood equalling to 1,323,565 cubic meter based on SK. 21/BPHT-3/2010, 28 April 2010 and SK. 18/BPHT-3/2010, 26 March 2010. Thus, during 2009 to 2010, APP received raw materials from natural forest wood that felled by both companies amounted to 2,452,015 cubic meter or equals to fulfill annual raw material need by 30 percent.

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From the new version of Tiger Conservation Area initiative, 86% (90,956 hectares) out of total area is located in PT Diamond Raya Timber concession which has the natural forest and is not prepared for forest conversion. Therefore, there’s no positive impact for the tigers as the forest concession has been certified by LEI and FSC that identical with "Tiger Conservation Area".

At least 11% (11,275 hectares) is included to the Protected Area; Land Use Plan of Riau Province (RTRWP 1994) has put it aside to be protected. Under existing rules, the natural forest in protected areas should not be converted, hence there are fresh benefits for the tiger conservation that created by the called Sumatran tiger sanctuary working group.

Only 4% (3,850 hectares) is located at the inside of PT Suntara Gajapati concession, where protected areas overlap with the concession. It is quite fundamental loss than the size the original proposed national park that seems to protect all forests in PT Suntara Gajapati (46,908 hectares).

Download EoF Investigative Report on PT SGP - PT RUJ in Senepis