APRIL found clearing natural forest in green belt, supplying natural woods to pulp mill

EoF News / 14 May 2015
Trucks carrying woods from natural forest clearing heading to APRIL’s PT RAPP pulp mill on 1 May 2015.  Photo by EoF. Location:  N 0°28'0.34

PEKANBARU (EoF News)--  PT Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper (RAPP), major concession of Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL), was found clearing natural forest in its concession of district/sector Ukui, Tesso Nilo landscape, Riau province.  It is believed that APRIL’s supplier clearing green belt that located near Nilo River which is allegedly against the Forestry Law.

EoF found piles of logs that believed to be cut from natural forest in the green belt of PT RAPP concession in Ukui sector in 31 March 2015 (see Map with photo, below).

In the latest finding, on 1 May 2015, EoF found several trucks were in line to carry woods from natural forest to pulp mill of PT RAPP showing that Sustainable Forest Management Policy was just on paper only. The

“These two latest findings have shown that APRIL just merely broke its green commitment as well as existing regulation,” said Riko Kurniawan, WALHI-Riau executive director.  “There should be further probe and the giant should be responsible for mistakes they did rather than finding excuse as it used to do over recent years.”

Woro Supartinah of Jikalahari told EoF News that the coalition will keep watching highly the performance of APRIL and its suppliers despite any sustainable commitment they made. “It is fool to take for granted to what APRIL is doing as we believe that monitoring on the ground will tell the truth,” she said.

Forestry Law number 41 year 1999 on Article 50 point 3 saying “No one is allowed to (c.) cut trees within a radius or distance up to (3)  100 (hundred) meters alongside of rivers, (4)  50 (fifty) meters along sides of streams.”