District Head named suspect for logging issuance

EoF News / 02 September 2009

PEKANBARU (EoF News)— Indonesia’s Anti-corruption Body (KPK) has named Siak District Head Arwin A.S. suspect for allegedly receiving bribe in issuing pulpwood plantation licenses in the district.

Johan Budi Sp, KPK spokesperson, said Tuesday that Arwin named suspect for issuing pulpwood licenses (IUPHHK-HT) for some companies during 2001-2003, Tribun Pekanbaru daily reported Wednesday (2/9/2009).

“Possibly in the near future we will question Arwin as a suspect,” Johan said. In addition he allegedly abused power, the District Head Arwin AS was indicated to receive bribe from companies granted licenses he issued, the spokesperson added, Tribun Pekanbaru daily reported.

Susanto Kurniawan, coordinator of Jikalahari, NGO network for Riau forest rescue, said that he supported KPK’s move to probe Arwin. He said that the probe could bring more suspects as the issuance of license could involve other provincial officials, Antara reported Tuesday.

He said Jikalahari learned that the logging license could breach the Government Regulation (PP) Number 34 year 2002 which forbids district head or governor to issue permit.

Azmun Jaafar, Pelalawan District Head, was permanently sentenced to 11-year imprisonment last month due to receiving bribe when he issued pulpwood plantation licenses to 15 companies.

Beside Azmun, three former Riau forestry service head named suspects but they had not been probed thoroughly yet.

Susanto said that there are six pulpwood companies granted licenses issued by District Head Arwin. They are PT National Timber & Forest Product (8,200 ha, APRIL-associated company), PT Balai Kayang Mandiri (21,450 ha, APP/SMG), PT Bina Daya Bintara (8,000 ha, APRIL), PT Rimba Mandau Lestari (6,400 ha, APP/SMG), PT Rimba Rokan Perkasa (21,500 ha, APP/SMG), and PT Seraya Sumber Lestari (16,875 ha, APRIL).


District head’s office, residence raided by KPK