EoF: Sinar Mas/APP’s denial misleading, they source of haze since ten years ago

EoF Press Release / 07 October 2015

PEKANBARU – Sinar Mas Group (SMG) and Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) last week denied publicly that their companies are involved in ongoing forest and land fires. Eyes on the Forest coalition said that media stunt by the giant company is ridiculous and hard to trust.

“We are shocked that they dare to say to media they are not involved in setting forest and land fires suffering us in Riau for over 18 years that also  agonize population in Sumatra and Kalimantan islands,” says Riko Kurniawan, Executive Director of Walhi Riau. “It is better for them to apologize for what they have been doing for over a decade by their companies as cause of dangerous haze that respired by millions of people. Moreover they should pay compensation for the huge losses inflicted to public and the State.”

Eyes on the Forest has been long time to publish how rampant the forest fires are inside APP/SMG supplier concessions since last 10 years ago. APP was detected to have fire hotspots by 40%, the most in Jan-Feb 2005 period. In addition to this, hotspots in January 2004 - June 2006 based on EoF analysis showing 3564 hotspots were located in APP/SMG associated concessions, or 38% (the most) of four timber supplier classifications (see also table below). In Find EoF press release in pdf

Siaran Pers EoF: Bantahan APP menyesatkan