Human-Elephant Conflict and Forest Clearing in Libo Block

EoF News / 10 March 2006

Human Elephant Conflict and Forest Clearing in Libo Block, Riau Province Pekanbaru, Indonesia (EoF News, March 10, 2006) - Six elephants were found dead last week in an oil palm plantation at the border of Riau and North Sumatra, apparently poisoned. At least 17 elephants have repeatedly raided Balai Raja village in Riau's Bengkalis District.

Both cases appear to be a direct effect of forest clearing in Libo Forest Block, one of the most important of the few remaining retreats of the Sumatran elephant in Central Sumatra. Libo is rapidly being converted into plantations, fields and settlements, often without the necessary licenses. Giant pulp and paper company, Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), uses timber cleared in this forest block for its Riau mills.

Map with Chain of Custody :

*Crash Image*

Indonesia calls for immediate halt on all natural forest clearing in central Sumatra.