KPK: 3 former forestry service heads named suspects

EoF News / 19 June 2008
PEKANBARU (EoF News)—Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has named three former Riau Forestry Service Heads suspects of misusing logging licenses for forestry companies in Pelalawan District, media reports said today.
KPK spokesperson Johan Budi S.P said Wednesday [18/6/2008] that three former Riau Forestry Service heads are Syuhada Tasman (2003-2004), Asral Rachman (2004-2005), and Burhanuddin Husien (2005-2006), who were witnesses on the trial of corruption cases involving Pelalawan District Head Azmun Jaafar.
Azmun was detained by KPK since August 2007 and was charged of misusing logging licenses issuance for pulp companies in the district.
KPK accused that Azmun of causing the State inflicted to loss of Rp1,2 trillion by issuing logging licenses for 15 companies, including APRIL and APP affiliated companies.
The defendant currently is prosecuted by KPK Corruption Crime Court in Jakarta.
“KPK had named the three men suspects last weekend,” Johan Budi said as quoted by Riau Pos daily as saying on Thursday [19/6/2008]. The three suspects allegedly conducted action against the law by collaboratively with Pelalawan District Head Azmun Jaafar who is facing trial currently," Johan told Tribun Pekanbaru daily [19/6/2008]. 
He said the development for the three suspects was influenced by new evidences found by the investigators as well as facts confirmed by witnesses on the ongoing trial of Azmun Jaafar in Corruption Crime Court, Jakarta, that took place for four times, Riau Terkini website reported Wednesday [18/6/2008].
Burhanuddin Husein is currently District Head of Kampar, meanwhile Asral Rachman serves as an official in Riau Province Government.
KPK would not detain the suspects yet, “but anytime if necessary for the probe, we can detain [them],” Johan told Riau Terkini.