Ministry: Two APP subsidiaries involved in clearing, supplying Ramin

EoF News / 11 December 2013

EoF News (PEKANBARU) — Latest report published by Greenomics Indonesia, an NGO, disclosed Tuesday that two suppliers of Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) in South Sumatra and West Kalimantan provinces had found clearing and supplying protected Ramin logs.

The Investigation by Ministry of Forestry was conducted in responding Greenpeace report “The Ramin Paper Trail” (March 2012) which now has proved  that  PT Rimba Hutani Mas and PT Kalimantan Subur Permai, the two APP subsidiaries, involved in felling  and supplying ramin logs to APP pulp mill.

Greenomics Indonesia said it obtained a copy of the full  Ministry of Forestry investigative report some time ago.  “Surprise, surprise, the report shows that the suppliers of  illegal ramin logs mentioned in the Greenpeace report  turn out to be owned by the Sinar Mas Group  (APP/Sinarmas Forestry.) In fact, their head offices are  located at the same address as APP headquarters in  Jakarta,” the report said.

The Greenomics report said that the publication, “at the very least,  be used as a reference by the public that suppliers of  illegal ramin logs, which APP claims are independent  suppliers, are in fact APP subsidiaries.”

According to the Ministry of Forestry’s investigative report, two  subsidiaries of the Sinar Mas Group (APP/Sinarmas Forestry) supplied  ramin logs to the APP mill. It needs to be stressed here that this finding is  based on various legal documents in the possession of the Ministry of  Forestry, including documents submitted by the companies themselves to  the Ministry of Forestry, which documents were subsequently approved  by the ministry.

According to these documents, there is no doubt whatsoever that the two suppliers are in fact subsidiaries of the Sinar Mas  Group (APP / Sinarmas Forestry).