Province of Riau Supports REDD to Save our Climate

EoF Press Release / 17 December 2007

Press Release

Governor of Riau

Bali, 13 December 2007

Province of Riau Supports REDD to Save our Climate

I am realizing my special position as a steward of large blocks of natural forests in Indonesia. I am committed to a joint policy of environmentally friendly, sustainable economic development and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) targeted at reducing poverty, protecting community rights over natural resources, stimulating employment, and attracting investment. I am therefore calling for avoidance of deforestation and forest degradation in my province, especially its all important peat lands, which store more carbon per hectare than any other ecosystem on earth.

I recognize the important role Indonesia plays in global carbon emissions and the overwhelming contribution made by deforestation and forest degradation. By focusing on reducing emissions from deforestation, my province call for guidance from the national government and the support of the international community through carbon financing mechanisms and transfer of technology that will protect my forests and provide income to local communities.

We need to generate solid scientific data on carbon stock and other high conservation values of our remaining forests. We need to discuss the negative consequences of further deforestation on our all climate with all stakeholders. And we need to reach a professional decision on how to best develop the natural resources of Riau for the benefit of all. I am therefore also calling for a temporary halt of Riau’s current land use planning process to allow time for the scientific findings to be integrated so they can benefit our land use policy for the coming years. To me, as the Governor of Riau, and a citizen of this earth, it is simply not acceptable that my province has deforestation and forest degradation, and as a consequence is emitting CO2 into the world. We in Riau have to put an end to this and make our contribution to save the climate of this earth. We require other parties to assist us in realizing this goal. 

The WWF Global Network has already agreed to support Riau in evaluating the value of our forests and mapping our way into the future. I invite all of the citizens in Riau and Indonesia and the world community to help me reach my ambitious goal. I hope that the REDD mechanism discussed at this conference and its governance structure will be secured as soon as possible to help me develop my province through sustainable land use design and without damage to our climate, to ensure benefits for local people and protection of our charismatic species such as Sumatran elephants and tigers. There is no more time to loose. We need to save our forests.

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