Three excavators of APRIL’s supplier burned down

EoF News / 12 July 2013

EoF News (PEKANBARU) - Three excavators owned by a supplier of Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL) ,  PT Rimba Lazuardi (RL), in Pelalawan District were burned by hundreds of local people on Sunday, July 7th 2013, following a land conflict between the company and local society amid intensifying tense since the last two months, media reported.

The firing of three Volvo heavy equipments, two motorcycles of contractors were triggered by the company’s inconsistence on the conflict mediation agreement. No one injured in the violence,  reports said.

The disputed land of 1800 hectares is located in Tesso Nilo forest complex in which had been cultivated with palm oils by the people for more than three years, a local chief police said.  

The Chief Police of Pelalawan District, AKBP Guntur Aryo Tejo, told that the village administration had facilitated the two parties a mediation which resulted a collective temporary agreement to have a follow-up on July 10th 2013 in sub-district level that would be chaired by Ukui Sub-district Head, Edwardo.

“It is noted that before the next mediation, the company was forbidden for any operations nor activities on the land. But the agreement was allegedly broken by the land managers of PT RL that was going to plant acacia trees which incited people went anarchic,” added the Police Chief as quoted on as saying.

Having seen three heavy equipments of PT Rimba Lazuardi operating on the disputed land, society had warned the company to stop on Thursday, July 4th 2013, but apparently the company’s ignorance had led the people to their amock on the next three days.

The Ukui sub-district head, Edwardo, said that the villagers were not aware of the existence of PT RL in the area until the conflict erupted.  

Responding the violence, Chief Police of Riau, Brigadier General Condro Kirono along with Pelalawan District Head, Ukui Sub-district Head and four company representatives conducted a closed meeting at the Pelalawan District Head’s office.

Latest report said that some perpetrators of the burning were detained by the police.