WWF publishes Advisory to Buyers and Investors of SMG/APP

EoF News / 02 July 2013

EoF News (PEKANBARU)—WWF released yesterday an advisory presented to buyers and investors of  Sinar Mas Group/Asia Pulp & Paper (SMG/APP). 

The organization  recommended the buyers and investors  “not  buy  products  from  Sinar  Mas’s  APP  group  and  avoid investing  in  their  infrastructure  expansion  projects,  until  there  is  independent  verification  by  NGOs  that APP’s “forest conservation policy” and this new commitment results in true avoidance of deforestation and that  NGOs  and  APP  agree  on  paths  towards  restoration  and  protection  of  priority  ecosystems  and  HCV areas.  

WWF said it hailed APP’s recent clarifications in June 2013 of its “forest conservation policy (FCP)” that it is committed to “an absolute deadline of 31 August 2013 for all natural forest wood felled prior to 1 February  2013, to have reached its pulp mills. After this date, no natural forest fiber will be able to enter APP log yards.”  

On the  new  APP’s FCP commitment,  WWF  remains  concerned  that  there  are  loopholes  in  this  commitment that fail to ensure that “no natural forest fiber will be able to enter APP log yards” after 31 August 2013 will  mean the same thing as “no deforestation”.

Read full the Advisory here