APP acknowledges links to controversial suppliers, but fails to release an auditor’s report

EoF External Publications / 07 May 2019 / KAMH

On March, 2019, Asia Pulp & Paper / Sinar Mas Group (hereafter APP/Sinar Mas) released an Executive Summary of a report entitled, “APP/Sinar Assessment on its Links with Industrial Forest Plantations in Indonesia”. 

This assessment was initiated in June 2018, following a series of media articles and NGO reports documenting:

-Ownership and management links between APP/Sinar Mas and at least 24 wood supplier companies it had previously described as being “independent”; and

-Supply chain linkages and/or affiliation with forestry companies involved in deforestation, peatland destruction, and/or fires.

A group of NGOs under the Anti Forest Mafia Coalition has prepared the following summary of seven (7) takeaways messages from the Executive Summary released by APP/Sinar Mas.