Borneo Deforestation Update

EoF External Publications / 08 October 2019 / KAMH

APP confirmed the deforestation on PT Fajar Surya Swadaya after this NGO coalition published the satellite imagery in August 2018. APP claimed to have stopped shipments to its pulp mill in Sumatra, even as it continued to accept the tainted wood in 2018 to an affiliated chip mill in Kalimantan. APRIL, denying any violation of its sustainability policy, used double the amount of wood in 2018 from this controversial supplier than it did the preceding year – over 10,000 truckloads worth.


KAMH urges Djarum Group to Immediately halt all future clearing of natural forests within the concession managed by PT Fajar Surya Swadaya and all other forestry concessions under the group’s management.

Beside that, KAMH urges APP and APRIL group to commit to adopting more genuinely independent, transparent, and accountable mechanisms for monitoring corporate commitments to zero-deforestation, responsible management of peatlands, and respect for the rights of local communities.