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Doubts on APRIL’s sustainability commitment escalate as high conservation value forest cleared

Eyes on the Forest coalition publishes latest investigative report as a consistency in monitoring deforestation in Sumatra, Riau in particular, as this edition highlights natural forest clearing in high conservation value forest (HCVF) by PT Triomas Forestry Development Indonesia, a supplier to Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL).

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WWF: "Strict sanction for company involved in illegal clearing of ramin trees"

WWF Indonesia urges Ministry of Forestry to follow up on a report published by Greenomics Indonesia yesterday ( Dec 10) and take proper and strict actions for companies involved in felling and supplying ramin trees.

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APP dan mitranya mengancam upaya penyelamatan ekosistem Sumatera dan iklim global

Komitmen Indonesia yang baru diumumkan untuk menyelamatkan hutan alam Sumatera pada Kongres Konservasi Dunia IUCN dua pekan lalu menghadapi ujian awal, menyusul terungkapnya aktivitas salah satu perusahaan kertas terbesar dunia, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP)/Sinar Mas Group (SMG).

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Asia Pulp & Paper and associated companies threaten historic pact to save Sumatra’s ecosystems and tigers

Just 10 days after Indonesia announced a commitment to save Sumatra’s critical ecosystems at the IUCN World Conservation Congress, an investigation finds that companies associated with one of the world’s largest paper companies, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), have built a 45-kilometer, legally questionable logging highway through prime tiger habitat in Sumatra.

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Press release - saving Sumatra

The Indonesian government and WWF today announced a bold commitment to protect the remaining forests and critical ecosystems of Sumatra, an Indonesian island that holds some of the world’s most diverse – and endangered – forests. The historic agreement represents the first-ever island-wide commitment to protect Sumatra’s stunning biodiversity.

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