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Ex-Riau Governor sentenced to 14 years for corruption

The result of corruption trial of former governor of Riau Rusli Zainal (RZ) which was held on Wednesday (12/3) at Pekanbaru State Court sentenced RZ to 14 years in prison and a liability to pay a fine of Rp 1 billion subsidiary of 6 months imprisonment after being pleaded guilty for corruption on forestry sector and National Games (PON) 2012, media reported.

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APP and APRIL undermine REDD-plus in Indonesia

Riau is and will be Indonesia’s epicenter for climate change from loss of natural forest and peat drainage. It had the country’s highest rate of natural forest loss and of peat soil degradation and their respective associated emissions in recent years. It has the largest volume of peat soil in Indonesia and the second largest area of natural forest in Sumatra. Most of all, much of the natural forest loss and peat degradation in Riau is “planned, legal deforestation,” which would be easy to stop if government had the will to do so.

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Rusli Zainal: I just sign, have no idea of forestry

PEKANBARU (EoF News)— In an interview with a national newspaper this week, Rusli Zainal, incumbent Riau Governor who currently non-active and resigned for running for the Gubernatorial Election this year, insisted that he had no much knowledge of 10 Annual Work Plan (RKT) permits he had signed allowing forest clearing operation by timber companies in the province.

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