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Witness: District Head receives Rp1.5 billion from PT RAPP

PEKANBARU (EoF News) -- A witness on the trial of Pelalawan District Head Azmun Jaafar in Jakarta told the judges last week that the defendant received at least Rp 1.5 billion from PT Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper (RAPP) as a gratification for issuing forestry operation license for the subsidiary of Asia Pacific Resources International Holding Limited (APRIL).

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District officials blamed for backing up encroachment

Pekanbaru (EoF News) -- Pelalawan District administration is accused of supporting rampant encroachment practice in proposed Tesso Nilo National Park as it issued KTP identified cards for encroachers originating from other provinces. The migrants then dwelled in newly-inhabited illegal Toro village. Coordinator of Jikalahari (Riau NGOs network for forest rescue) Zulfahmi said the government should prevent migrants entering defunct HPH selective logging concession granted to PT Nanjak Makmur due to they encroach the proposed Tesso Nilo National Park extension land. “Because they just conduct illegal encroachment,” he said as quoted by Riau Terkini website Tuesday.

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Logging moratorium for companies with questionable Industrial Timber Plantation licenses

Today Eyes on the Forest, a coalition of Sumatran environmental NGOs, called on all companies who are clearcutting natural forests based on Industrial Timber Plantation Licenses (IUPHHK-HT) issued by Governors or Heads of Districts to immediately issue a moratorium on all such operations.

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