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Again President calls on stern measure against companies burning forest

President Joko Widodo called stern measures against companies involved in forest and land fires burning by rescinding their licenses, media report said today.

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Green groups protest against slow haze mitigation

A number of environmental communities and organizations participated in ‘Melawan Asap’ (Fighting against Smoke) action and made speech along their protest in the front of Zapin Monument and Riau Governor Office, Pekanbaru, on Monday (10/3). On this seventeenth ‘anniversary’ of Riau fires and smog disaster, they demanded immediate and serious handling from the central government and the provincial government of Riau.

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60 NGOs send letters to bank, financial institutions

At least sixty environmental and social non-governmental organizations sent joint letters to banks and financial institutions not to invest in increasing pulp mill capacity of Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) or other companies associated with Sinar Mas Group until “reforms have been achieved,” a press release issued last week said.

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Government warns over 5 HPH concessions

PEKANBARU (EoF News)— The Government has warned five companies granting selective logging concession (HPH) as they were judged unproductive on such forests they should work on. Director General of Forestry Production Management, Hadi Susanto Pasaribu, said Wednesday that the Ministry of Forestry would give an opportunity for the warned companies to improve their management within six months from now on. “Unless, their licenses will be revoked,” he said as quoted by Bisnis Indonesia daily as saying.

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Forest fires rage again in Indonesia; Greenpeace calls on Government to act to protect ravaged provinces

A Greenpeace team of investigators has discovered widespread destruction of Sumatra's ancient forests, caused by fires which are threatening to burn out of control.

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Government urge

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono urged forestry sector companies to run their business fairly by preventing natural forest from ecological damage. The President said in Palembang, South Sumatra, last weekend that governors and regents should be responsible for preventing forest fires as well as haze in their respective areas, Media Indonesia Online reported