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Paper conglomerate APP linked to more tiger conflict with deadly consequences

A latest investigative report by Eyes on the Forest coalition is published today focusing on APP deforestation and its link to deadly human-Sumatran tiger conflict in Riau Province of Sumatra.

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EoF report on APRIL out today

Eyes on the Forest coalition released a new report on Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL) today saying “APRIL’s public commitment to sustainable and natural fiber free operations after 2009 was pure sales talk; green-washing to win back customers who had left the company due to its dismal sustainability record.”

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Jikalahari denounces district head for preference on village forest

Non governmental organizations and civil society group network to rescue natural forest in Riau, Jikalahari, denounced Pelalawan District Head for ignoring community’s proposal to manage communal forest in Kampar Peninsula and critized his favoritism to pulp giant’s “greenwashing” project.

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WWF: APP’s announced logging "moratorium" is more greenwashing

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP)’s announcement on Tuesday (May 15th) that it would stop clearing natural forest on its own concessions represents very little gains for natural forest and tiger protection in Sumatra, and represents another example of the company’s greenwashing, WWF said. In Riau, these are areas that the company must protect anyway.

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