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Eyes on the Forest: Companies should take immediate actions to stop sourcing from illegal oil palm plantations and start paying for the past damages

PEKANBARU, INDONESIA, 3 JUNE 2021 -- A new report published by the Eyes on the Forest (EoF) coalition today reveals that only 14% (0.8 million ha) of oil palm plantations in Indonesia’s top palm oil producing province, Riau, can be considered legal. EoF advises buyers that the remaining 86% of Riau’s oil palm plantations must be considered illegal until detailed field verification has proven otherwise.

/ EoF Press Release

Koalisi EoF: Perusahaan harus bertindak cepat hentikan pengambilan dari kebun sawit ilegal dan mulai membayar kerusakan di masa lalu

PEKANBARU, 3 JUNI 2021 – Laporan investigasi terkini diterbitkan koalisi Eyes on the Forest hari ini yang mengungkapkan hanya 14% (0,8 juta hektar) kebun sawit di Provinsi Riau –penghasil produk sawit terbesar di Indonesia—yang bisa dianggap legal. EoF menyarankan para pembeli produk sawit bahwa 86% kebun sawit Riau harus dianggap ilegal, hingga verifikasi lapangan rinci bisa membuktikan hal sebaliknya.

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EoF: National and global Palm Oil streams likely contaminated with illegal Palm Oil from protected Sumatra tiger corridor

EoF warns today that purchasing screens need to be installed urgently at all transfer points in the chain-of-custody from the production of oil palm fruit (fresh fruit bunches/FFB) to the final product. Illegally produced FFB appears to enter national and global supply chains much too easily.

/ EoF Press Release

Doubts on APRIL’s sustainability commitment escalate as high conservation value forest cleared

Eyes on the Forest coalition publishes latest investigative report as a consistency in monitoring deforestation in Sumatra, Riau in particular, as this edition highlights natural forest clearing in high conservation value forest (HCVF) by PT Triomas Forestry Development Indonesia, a supplier to Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL).

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After the Chairman of Gading Permai Small Farmers Business Group, Haji Usman Maun, reported to the Kampar police by RAPP at the forefront of the development of illegal palm oil plantations in the area which claimed by PT RAPP, the management of PT RAPP agreed to meet the Gading Permai community on May 1, 2006. However, instead of sending company officials to attend the meeting, PT RAPP mobilized 300 people in black uniforms to attack, destroy and burn down the people’s houses.

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