A great news! Powerful new mapping tool by Google for EoF, WWF launched

EoF News / 24 May 2012

EoF News (PEKANBARU) – Eyes on the Forest coalition is proudly presenting new powerful map that granted by Google Earth Outreach and this project which “is one of the first to be awarded a grant by the Google Earth Outreach team to use Google Maps Engine, a platform for hosting, storing and managing map data.”

This mapping tool will visualize Sumatra’s forests and wildlife such as rhinos, tigers, elephants and orangutan, providing vital information in the race to protect forests, save some of the world’s most important biodiversity and help local communities.

Muslim Rasyid, Coordinator of Jikalahari, a member of the Eyes on the Forest coalition, said “This project is a step forward for Eyes on the Forest as it is a powerful tool to open windows to the world about the devastating destruction happening to forests, particularly on Sumatra Island,” said Muslim Rasyid, Chairman of Jikalahari, a member of the Eyes on the Forest coalition.

“We hope that Google will keep updating its satellite imagery library so the world can see the facts of the devastating destruction on Sumatra, who is doing it, and where those forest products end up. Furthermore, we can show this map to decision makers and urge them to protect the remaining natural forests of Sumatra.”

Tanya Birch, Program Manager for Google Earth Outreach, said, “As a grant recipient, Eyes on the Forest can use the cloud-based Google Maps Engine platform to share its forest data with anyone."

EoF coalition would like to thank to Google Earth Outreach and WWF to make this dream come true.

You can look into the maps at: http://maps.eyesontheforest.or.id  and to see Bahasa version come to http://maps.eyesontheforest.or.id/bahasa

See also the story of project at:  http://www.google.com/earth/outreach/stories/wwf.html