No Place to Live for Riau's Elephants

EoF News / 18 April 2006

These and many previous cases of human-elephant conflict and killings appear to be connected to highly questionable, uncontrolled forest clearing in Riau's Libo Forest Block, one of the few remaining retreats of the Sumatran elephant in central Sumatra. Unless immediate action is taken, the elephants in Riau will continue suffering and dying a slow death. The day when the last viable elephant population in Central Sumatra has gone extinct might not be far. And tigers will not be long behind. The same tragedy is unfolding for Sumatran tigers - we just don’t see them and their dead bodies as easily. Eyes on the Forest asks oil palm companies of Duta Palma, Astra, Wilmar, Rokan and Guthrie/Minamas Groups to immediately stop clearing forests in Riau’s Libo Block, and one of the province’s two pulp wood company APP, and their associates to stop clearing and purchasing wood from clearings in Libo Block. | Detail Aritikel | Versi Bahasa